Bounty 2

Coming soon! 🤠


Good luck and godspeed!

Claimed Bounties

Bounty 0

Send an ordinal whose number ends with a zero:

✅: 1857578125803250

❌: 1857578125803251

The ordinal must be the first ordinal of the output you send.

Reward: 100,000 sats

Address: 1PE7u4wbDP2RqfKN6geD1bG57v9Gj9FXm3

Status: Claimed by @count_null!

Bounty 1

The transaction that submits a UTXO containing the oldest ordinal, i.e., that with the lowest number, amongst all submitted UTXOs will be judged the winner.

The bounty is open for submissions until block 753984—the first block of difficulty adjustment period 374. Submissions included in block 753984 or later will not be considered.

Reward: 200,000 sats

Address: 145Z7PFHyVrwiMWwEcUmDgFbmUbQSU9aap

Status: Claimed by @ordinalsindex!