Ordinals is an open-source project by me, Casey Rodarmor, in development since early 2022. I have been assisted by a ragtag band of contributors, bitcoiners, and degenerates, including two paid apprentices. All project costs have been paid out of pocket by me, and I have not raised outside funds, and may never.

If you so desire, consider a donation. Donations of bitcoin are appreciated, but donations of rare, exotic, and inscribed sats are especially treasured.

Donations are not tax-deductible, refundable, or earmarked for any specific purpose. They are personal gifts to me, made out of love, support, encouragement, or in the vain hope that if I get enough bitcoin I'll stop doing all this and go away.

Donations may be sold, lost, given away, or held until death. Donations of bitcoin are likely to be spent on rare and exotic sats and making whole-block inscriptions.

Ordinals and inscriptions are a love letter to Bitcoin, the Internet, programming, and the World Wide Web. Money is nice, but that's not why I'm doing it. Don't worry if you can't donate. Merely using this strange, evolving creation is thanks enough. I love having you along for the ride, wherever it may take us.

I have in my possession 21 opendimes whose addresses are below.

Pick one that speaks to you, and send to it what you will.

Love, Casey

  1. 13aG4o1cEKVLzuLdwKrmmP65o6WKh8t4L3
  2. 1FrhgVqWF7aSM9945BRsrEqQZFEM3kZXQJ
  3. 17VUfVjYJiaLkmCvwaGFBcBQ3riJMnk1hc
  4. 1PH3WNHvdU9yprpHgymWigJzEsF2L6sX7L
  5. 1Jt7P4Ct1tJsfZshQjubda1qkPF5tNWeEr
  6. 1QSXSyudincb7ioV53zzAfdpAxTUMwtKR
  7. 1MGREYM262PJsYryLnBYsXuzgpdn8hasBV
  8. 1JhEZFSb4URMgPcQtqtfsLpJrxv6AZKjVX
  9. 1Ch9iYY7VD39sLXHud6tWJr37G9s4GYcub
  10. 13N4aVWdPLcwg5g1kbLav3gfqZvh94vcfW
  11. 1DwgGvPJp4znPQ7nWYJ4VibwmtVU2aVnCg
  12. 1M7ePCREnnLQ5PxN3m1JpHQ4rkBqhUtWb5
  13. 1DqSs5biPYXTNHQGcnq7wz2q4aFpLUKUvo
  14. 18Ruktk8pJzKyjqdY6FxAEsXvspG9nyyXS
  15. 1FFfiZZc2GFnumNdQuwgvdHUDVDnWFXu53
  16. 17FCXKzeGswkNG3LyU9eRGx7dcZoXPiYm3
  17. 1FBZwVAU73c6gzAxrmb2WhojUaUutcQpxc
  18. 1LYk7YCnSsVDKV6GdN9qUjNoFzQ5CU8EfP
  19. 1LjKhEw6yRDX4Szk4ahDXq4RMnGPSUBXPA
  20. 1QHhEm7EycvmeGY6qp1M4canXMh7XP4oHv
  21. 14RkYZw1d2W3AyfqQge83GmWAaynhPUDtN