Ordinal Explorer

The ord binary includes a block explorer. We host an instance of the block explorer on mainnet at ordinals.com, on signet at signet.ordinals.com, and on testnet at testnet.ordinals.com. As of version 0.16.0 the wallet needs ord server running in the background. This is analogous to how bitcoin-cli needs bitcoind running in the background.

Running The Explorer

The server can be run locally with:

ord server

To specify a port add the --http-port flag:

ord server --http-port 8080

The JSON-API endpoints are enabled by default, to disable them add the --disable-json-api flag (see here for more info):

ord server --disable-json-api

The search box accepts a variety of object representations.


Blocks can be searched by hash, for example, the genesis block:



Transactions can be searched by hash, for example, the genesis block coinbase transaction:



Transaction outputs can be searched by outpoint, for example, the only output of the genesis block coinbase transaction:



Sats can be searched by integer, their position within the entire bitcoin supply:


By decimal, their block and offset within that block:


By degree, their cycle, blocks since the last halving, blocks since the last difficulty adjustment, and offset within their block:


By name, their base 26 representation using the letters "a" through "z":


Or by percentile, the percentage of bitcoin's supply that has been or will have been issued when they are mined:



By default the ord server gives access to endpoints that return JSON instead of HTML if you set the HTTP Accept: application/json header. The structure of these objects closely follows what is shown in the HTML. These endpoints are:

  • /inscription/<INSCRIPTION_ID>
  • /inscriptions
  • /inscriptions/block/<BLOCK_HEIGHT>
  • /inscriptions/block/<BLOCK_HEIGHT>/<PAGE_INDEX>
  • /inscriptions/<FROM>
  • /inscriptions/<FROM>/<N>
  • /output/<OUTPOINT>
  • /sat/<SAT>

To get a list of the latest 100 inscriptions you would do:

curl -s -H "Accept: application/json" ''

To see information about a UTXO, which includes inscriptions inside it, do:

curl -s -H "Accept: application/json" ''

Which returns:

  "value": 10000,
  "script_pubkey": "OP_PUSHNUM_1 OP_PUSHBYTES_32 156cc4878306157720607cdcb4b32afa4cc6853868458d7258b907112e5a434b",
  "address": "bc1pz4kvfpurqc2hwgrq0nwtfve2lfxvdpfcdpzc6ujchyr3ztj6gd9sfr6ayf",
  "transaction": "bc4c30829a9564c0d58e6287195622b53ced54a25711d1b86be7cd3a70ef61ed",
  "sat_ranges": null,
  "inscriptions": [