Sometimes the ord database must be reindexed, which means deleting the database and restarting the indexing process with either ord index update or ord server. Reasons to reindex are:

  1. A new major release of ord, which changes the database scheme
  2. The database got corrupted somehow

The database ord uses is called redb, so we give the index the default file name index.redb. By default we store this file in different locations depending on your operating system.

Linux$XDG_DATA_HOME/ord or $HOME/.local/share/ord/home/alice/.local/share/ord
macOS$HOME/Library/Application Support/ord/Users/Alice/Library/Application Support/ord

So to delete the database and reindex on MacOS you would have to run the following commands in the terminal:

rm ~/Library/Application Support/ord/index.redb
ord index update

You can of course also set the location of the data directory yourself with ord --datadir <DIR> index update or give it a specific filename and path with ord --index <FILENAME> index update.