Aspect Ratio

Inscriptions should be rendered with a square aspect ratio. Non-square aspect ratio inscriptions should not be cropped, and should instead be centered and resized to fit within their container.

Maximum Size

The ord explorer, used by, displays inscription previews with a maximum size of 576 by 576 pixels, making it a reasonable choice when choosing a maximum display size.

Image Rendering

The CSS image-rendering property controls how images are resampled when upscaled and downscaled.

When downscaling image inscriptions, image-rendering: auto, should be used. This is desirable even when downscaling pixel art.

When upscaling image inscriptions other than AVIF, image-rendering: pixelated should be used. This is desirable when upscaling pixel art, since it preserves the sharp edges of pixels. It is undesirable when upscaling non-pixel art, but should still be used for visual compatibility with the ord explorer.

When upscaling AVIF and JPEG XL inscriptions, image-rendering: auto should be used. This allows inscribers to opt-in to non-pixelated upscaling for non-pixel art inscriptions. Until such time as JPEG XL is widely supported by browsers, it is not a recommended image format.